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At Hunter Coast Roof Repairs, we specialise in roof ventilation installation. The accumulation of condensation in the roof area is a major issue nowadays. Due to the extensive use of heating systems, double glazing, and insulation in most households, there may be a temperature difference between the living room and the cold air outside.

Roof ventilation is vital in allowing a home or structure to 'breathe' and prevents your roof space from accumulating moisture and condensation, which may have unpleasant and perhaps costly repercussions. Temperature differentials formed between the dwelling and roof areas might also cause considerable roof or eave ventilation issues in modern buildings with more effective central heating and insulation.

Without proper ventilation, warm air with large quantities of water vapour is pulled to cold portions of the structure, particularly the roof void, through convection. In the absence of adequate ventilation, water vapour condenses, causing rotting timber, rusting metal fixtures, felt damage, and mould growth. At Hunter Coast Roof Repairs, we install a variety of quality roof ventilation solutions ideal for new construction and renovation scenarios to tackle this potentially costly problem.

Roof tile and slate ventilation techniques offer roof space proper ventilation and an exit for water vapour using large-format concrete roof tile or slate roof profiles. The vent tile and the slate system are meant to substitute a single tile or slate while maintaining an uninterrupted look to your roofline if utilised at a high or low level.

Hunter Coast Roof Repairs can fix, modify, or install numerous kinds of roof ventilation systems, regardless of the style of your property or roof. Find out more about the alternatives accessible to you below:

Turbine Ventilation

The whirlybird, usually known as the turbine vent, is a common roof vent used for ventilation in dwellings. It's a wind-powered vent system that cools your home known for its bulb-shaped appearance with fins on the exterior.

This vent contains moving elements that aid in the removal of hot, humid air. When the whirlybird is installed, there is no need for a power supply because the wind passing above the roof keeps the turbine spinning, allowing for continuous ventilation. However, these turbine mechanics might deteriorate over time owing to friction and dampness.

Soffit Vents

These vents are found in the eaves of your roof (overhang). Soffit vents not only provide an otherwise exposed area of your roof a clean, finished look, but they also allow cool air to be pulled in as hot air escapes through another vent on top of the roof.
Our hard-working staff takes great pleasure in fixing all of your roof vent issues. Our objective is to give you high-quality labour and professionalism. As a renowned Newcastle roof contractor, we realise how vital it is to ensure your satisfaction! If you have any questions regarding our roof ventilation services or want a free quotation, please call us or fill out the 'Get a Free Quote" contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Ridge Vent

A ridge vent is a huge air vent that runs along the topmost ridge of the roof. It has no movable parts and works as a large channel for warm air to go through. Air will be able to travel freely when coupled with a soffit vent. Ridge vents are often covered with shingles to blend perfectly with your existing roof.

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There is never any job too big or too small when it comes to tile repairs, your number one investment is at stake and any damaged roof left to wear the elements leaves your home at serious risk to water damage and furthermore possible structural and mould damage could follow.

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Very professional and turned up on time. They carried all the works as quoted, and cleaned up completely. They were very informative, polite and friendly. It is great to see tradesmen who care and take pride in their workmanship, as a lot don't now days. We we very happy with the work carried out, and would definitely recommend Hunter Coast Roof repairs to anyone looking for roofing repairs.

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Brett and his team were great. I couldn't believe how quick they were to quote on the spot and then start within 24hrs to get the job done. They take pride in their job guarantee their work and clean up afterwards. Can't recommend them highly enough. I've been waiting weeks for other quotes......Good job Brett & Tarz greatly appreciated. Cheers guys.

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Hunter coast roof repairs did an amazing job on our roof and so affordable too. They did every thing when and how they said they would. The roof came up better than i expected. They even did a quick repair on my elderly neighbours roof, aren't they lovely. They are very friendy, down to earth guys. They where even great with our fur babies. I doubt any one who gets hunter coast roof to give them a quote would be dissapointed.

Michelle P.

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